How do I bulk edit multiple people on a YouLi Trip Page? (Edit Selected)

Learn to save time when updating information for multiple guests on your trip at once.

Customized Itinerary

YouLi makes it easy for you to edit multiple Travelers at one time. You can adjust REGISTRATION STATUS, INIVITATION GROUP, PRICING, and more. 

How to Bulk Edit Travelers in a Group Itinerary

  • Click into the desired Trip from the Dashboard
  • Then click MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS from the left navigation. Select the people you'd like to change from the list. If there are no people, you can BULK UPLOAD your guest list. 
  • Click 'EDIT SELECTED' 
  • A popup will appear that allows you to select the fields you want to change. After selecting your Travelers, YouLi will let you know how many you selected. For example: "5 invitees will be updated"  



PRO TIP: You can see who you selected by clicking the down arrow next to the phrase.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 213028


NOTE: Only the shown fields can be changed at the same time. Any other profile field can only be edited by clicking 'CANCEL' then clicking 'EDIT' under the name of the individual.

You can always check the ACTIVITY FEED to see the change confirmation or check the individual people in the list. 


Need more help? 

You have multiple options to get support from the YouLi team:

  • Leve your question in a chat box at the bottom of the screen
  • Join our private Facebook Group to engage & network with group travel planners around the world
  • Book 1:1 Consulting session for full on guidance and training