Trip Page Contact

How to ensure effective client support for your group trips.

You can have many Co-Planners helping you make the magic happen, but not all of them should be visible to your travelers. 

If you are collaborating with another brand or even within your own team, you can invite them to co-plan on the trip and then add them as a Trip Page Contact. All Trip Page Contacts will receive email updates when travelers sign up, make payments, or complete tasks. 

  1. Click into your trip
  2. Click to "Manage Planners" on the left menu at the bottom to access the TRIP PLANNERS
  3. Check if the User is listed, if not, add them
  4. If so, check their TRIP PAGE CONTACT is Yes, if not, click the pencil to edit


When editing, look for this option, set to YES to make them a TRIP PAGE CONTACT:


Once you save your changes, they will become a TRIP PAGE CONTACT.

What does this enable?

They can send messages as themselves from YouLi

Anywhere you can select a traveler and click SEND MESSAGE will prompt you to select who to SEND FROM. The people listed in the drop down are the TRIP PAGE CONTACTS.


They will be listed on the Trip Page as a Contact

NOTE: Be sure they have updated their Avatar (Profile Image) and contact information by clicking into their Account from the menu.