VIDEO: YouTube Channel & Playlists

Much of our documentation is in video form at our YouTube channel. 

If you don't find what you need, come back and open a ticket asking for help, we love to make your trips happen!

And if you SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE channel you'll be notified as we add new content. We make new videos every time we update the software and send out release notes.

We have a number of Playlists to help you find what you need

  1. Welcome Series - Covering all the topics from our CHECKLISTs in video form
  2. HOW-TO - short but detailed explainers on the many little features you might need
  3. Traveler Videos - in case your travelers need a bit of guidance
  4. Community Meetups - we meet monthly to talk about what matters to you, watch some of them and join the next one
  5. Tasks & Registration Forms
  6. Bookings & People
  7. Users & Roles